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June 2014 - Hasta la vista


May 2014 - Opening day

May 2014 - Bus time table available

May 2014 - Shuttle Bus to festival

May 2014 - Beer list available

May 2014 - Keighley and Craven CAMRA go pirate.

A tongue-in-cheek history of the festival uploaded

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Hasta la vista

Skipton Beer Festival over for another year. As for next year; who knows. . .

Thanks to Rendezvous Hotel and a former Pennine bus which helped to save the festival this year. There can‘t be many beer festivals where customers are chauffeur driven (Ok ferried from town in an ex Pennine Bus) arriving at; to quote one customer "the poshest beer festival venue I‘ve ever been to."  We had plenty seats for customers and a good choice of beer and cider throughout the festival. Beer of the festival was Bad Kitty, a chocolate vanilla porter, brewed by Brass Castle brewery from Malton. The cider of the festival was Lilley's Crazy Goat. The festival raised 360 for the Rendezvous cancer charity.

Opening day

Thursday: Opening day. All is well on its way, the beer has arrived with a couple of changes (See beer list updates). Don‘t forget it‘s free entry on Thursday and there‘s likely to be the biggest choice of beer and cider. The staff are polishing their cutlasses ready for Saturday and the pirate fancy dress (and a mottlier crew you have never seen). If you look less "mottley" you could win one of the spot prizes for best fancy dress.

Shuttle Bus Time Table

The time table for the shuttle bus is now available to download.

Festival bus.

A vintage former Pennine orange and black shuttle bus will take festival goers to and from Rendezvous Hotel while the festival is open. The route will be a circuit from Rendezvous Hotel, railway station, and opposite the Town Hall. More information

Beer list is now available.

The provisional beer list is now available to view and download, the ciders and foreign will be available soon.

Keighley and Craven CAMRA go pirate.

Saturday 3rd May Skipton Waterways festival: as our theme is 'Fleeces of eight' what better day to dress up as pirates to publicise the festival? One pirate even wrote a shanty for us to sing. A good day was had by all “Arrrrr“.

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